What I do

I can click into your internal or agency creative team to collaborate on short-term projects or longer-term engagements. Or, I can own the editorial piece of the puzzle and work independently.

Either way, I'll immerse myself in the subject matter, respond quickly when you need me, and keep things fun and drama-free.


Editorial Strategy + direction

Strategy:  Translating your brand + purpose + audience insights into an overarching framework for editorial content readers find credible, relevant and valuable.

Voice: Moving you beyond table stakes like “authentic” and “conversational” and into a distinctive voice you can own.

Process: Building the team and outlining the steps for creating efficient, high-quality stories that serve your readers and your brand.

Development: Collaborating with strategists and designers, leading a team of writers and steering stories through the process from ideation to final proof. If you don’t have writers on staff, I’ve got a network of fantastic ones to recommend.


thought leadership

Strategy: Tapping into your uncommon expertise to create a plan for what you’ll write about, speak about and become known for.

Development: Working closely with you as your personal thought partner and editor to articulate your original thinking in stories that establish your expertise and grow your influence.



Group workshops: Leading skill-building sessions for 5-7 writers on interviewing, narrative development and craft.
Customized instruction + ongoing consultation.

1-1 coaching: Mentoring writers with personalized guidance and objective feedback to help develop a distinctive voice and build skills in interviewing, narrative development and craft.
Customized instruction + ongoing consultation.


developmental editing

Broad: Reviewing a set of complete or in-process brand stories, an entire publication or a website to strengthen brand voice, organize for impact, refine the overarching narrative and improve writing quality.

Deep: Reviewing a complete or in-process story or presentation and delivering clear, objective feedback to strengthen structure, hone language and voice, fill in gaps and reinforce your brand narrative.



Brand: Writing for readers, not just search engines. Long-form, reported profiles, feature stories and case studies that feel more like thoughtful magazine pieces, less like dry white papers or “5 ways to …” commodity content.

Independent: Profiles, features and essays that shine a light on some fascinating, intriguing or defining thing about this life we’re living.